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This meditation is for the Queen who has caught herself outsourcing her power or is resistant to the next level of her expression.

It supports her in being seen for who she truly is, owning her desires and being a magnetic presence. With this meditation she will grow in her ability to create what she desires rather than believe she has to fight for them.

This is for the Queen who has lived into martyrdom, any kind of relational abuse, eating disorder or addiction.

A woman in her divine power is gracious, discerning and magnetic, she is fearless in the face of her desires and stands tall in her light. She knows that she takes up space and does so with intention. She is aware of her influence on others and aware of her core values such that she is trusted in a leadership capacity and grounded such that she no longer loses herself in relationship to others.

This meditation is specifically tuned to the root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus to support the listener is feeling grounded, safe and creative in her power. 

This meditation is designed to distract your conscious mind and address your subconscious directly. Please do not listen while operating heavy machinery or driving.