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All 4 of the Core Embodied Queen Meditations. Affirmations, screensavers, and sharable downloads included. 

Power: This meditation is for the Queen who has caught herself outsourcing her power or is resistant to the next level of her expression. It supports her in being seen for who she truly is, owning her desires and being a magnetic presence

Purpose: This meditation is for the Queen who feels lost, stuck or unclear. She may be facing a major life transition, a huge identity shift or a career change and be seeking some clarity moving forward.  A woman who is clear and aligned in her purpose is a woman who experiences true freedom, she is fearless in the creation of that which lights her up and serves the world.

ProsperityThis subliminal meditation is for the woman who has found it difficult to rewire her beliefs about money and has been unable to embody her prosperity. Allow this meditation to support you as you become the Queen who knows her worth, owns it shamelessly and generates wealth with ease!

Pleasure: This meditation is for the Queen that struggles with receiving. As a Queen you get to be in full enjoyment, love and pleasure as you create a life that FEELS amazing from the inside - out. Allow this mediation to support you in receiving and enjoy all of the blessings that life has for you! 

I suggest listening daily for 30 days with headphones for optimal results. Please do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery.