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These Subliminal Meditations are intentionally designed to target your subconscious mind and create powerful shifts quickly.

The subconscious mind governs as much as 95% of our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

Yet, the subconscious mind is virtually inaccessible to us by the conscious mind. 

If you have been working on a particular issue or change in your life and seeing no progress- chances are your subconscious programming is functioning as an impenetrable block. 

Not to worry! 

In these meditations, I have embedded powerful subliminal messages into the music so they are absorbed by your subconscious quickly with ease

When you listen to the download, you will hear music along with specialized frequencies tuned to particular chakras to amplify the transformative powers of these meditations. 

As you listen to these meditations daily you may notice changes in your emotions, thoughts, self talk and behavior based on the meditation you have chosen. 

This form of meditation can be done while doing regular daily tasks and is not recommended while operating heavy machinery/ driving. 

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