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Is now available for all Queens to access through exclusive recorded teachings. 

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The Rising Queen is an accumulation of EVERYTHING a woman would need to have the relationship, business and life she dreams of.

It’s all encompassing and tested thoroughly by yours truly. These lessons are what took me from frustrated and confused to the empowered woman you experience today.


This program is for the woman who is ready to own her worth, live in her power and create  relationships that she is proud of. 


The Rising Queen program is one of the best investments you could ever make in your future- especially if your current situation is full of heartache, doubt, insecurity and fear.
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You’ll get access to 10 of The Rising Queen Core Teachings:

♛ 6 min. module

The 4 Foundations of a Queen (Power, Purpose, Pleasure & Prosperity)

♛ 9 min. module

Subconscious Programming for Success** Custom Subliminal for Queens  

♛ 23 min module

The 3 Critical Archetypes for an Embodied Queen 

♛ 10 min. module

The Frequency of the Feminine

♛ 1.5 hr 2 part module

The Development of The King + Understanding them

♛ 5 min. module

Manifesting The Ideal Man

♛ 1 hr. module

Understanding Women

♛ 7 min. module

Listening for Love (Pause, Reset, Reflect)

♛ 12 min. module

The Drama Triangle 

♛ 6 min. module


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You were created for more.

Raise your standards and the universe will meet you there.

The Embodied Queen